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PageSpeed Insights – Google Developers

The Google Developers PageSpeed Insights is a tool that provides real-world data on the performance of a website on mobile and desktop devices. This tool offered by Google for free offers the actual speed of your website as experienced by the users. It also compares your website speed with the other sites on the internet and suggests improvements that can optimise the website speed. The PageSpeed Insights tool is recommended for every business as the speed of a page is one of the indicators used by Google to rank websites on the SERP. A slow website will inevitably be ranked lower than the competition that has a fast website if all the other indicators are similar for two sites.
To get started with the Google Insights tool, create a Google account, and get the API key that identifies your application on Google. Using the page speed tool is easy. All that is needed is that you put the domain name of your website into the tool, and the software will display the real-world page speed data and its site speed optimisation related to your website.

100% Score on Google PageSpeed Insights

Scoring 100% on the Google PageSpeed Insights should be the aim of every online business. You can achieve this by making some simple changes in your website. Here are a list of things you can do to get the hundred percent score.

These are some of the things you can do to accelerate the speed of your website.

Site Speed Optimisation

Make your website pages fast on all devices

Did you know that 83 percent of users expect a webpage to load within 3 seconds or less; however, on average websites take more than 10 seconds to load? A user will abandon your site if the load speed between the different pages of the website is slow. The slow speed of web pages can also increase the bounce rate, which an indicator that Google uses to monitor the satisfaction level of users when they visit a particular website. If the bounce rate for your website keeps on increasing, Google will downgrade your rank on SERP, which can have a significant impact on the traffic to the site. Hence, it is necessary that your website performs well on all devices, especially mobile devices, with the introduction of mobile-first indexing.

If you do not know how to proceed with the optimisation of your website speed or do not have the time or resources to perform the job, you can always hire our services. We are a highly reputed company that helps you with every aspect of website seo optimisation.

Website Performance Optimisation

Website Speed and Performance Optimisation Service

Among the full range of services that we offer our clients, website speed and performance optimisation is the most sought by clients. We have a vast experience in optimizing the website performance for major companies in Australia. Our team of developers, programmers, analysts, and project managers ensure that you derive the best result. We are among the few companies that can guarantee a Google PageSpeed Insight score of 100 percent.

The speed of a page is great for SEO. By increasing the website speed, you can expect a better conversion and revenue. We have a very flexible plan that ensures you get the best page speed, no matter your budget. Depending on the size of your site, the cost of the service can vary. Nevertheless, give us a call, and we will ensure that we design something that fits your budget. Our WordPress page speed optimisation includes a wide range of features from image compression, code modification, caching, eliminating redirects to removing unnecessary JavaScript.

website speed optimisation melbourne
Digital Goldman Melbourne speed as good as Google which is 100 percent

The speed of our website scores 100 percent on the speed test. We practice what we preach. Our website design and development services include ensuring that your website scores 100 percent on the speed test. We can accomplish this difficult task with hard work and experience. We have a team of highly qualified professionals who work tirelessly to ensure your website gets the best speed. Although the rate of a site might seem insignificant, it has a direct correlation with your revenue. A website that loads faster converts more and keeps the users engaged for longer.

Page Speed Experts Melbourne
Web Page Speed Optimisation Services by Australia’s #1 Speed Developers

The best way to optimise the speed of the website is to enforce good development practices that focus on website speed when the site is being developed. We have developers who are adept in web development with a focused approach towards increasing the speed of the website. We are the #1 company in Australia for fast loading websites. Our website speed optimisation services are one of the most unique in the world. We deploy the latest technology and metrics to ensure that your website is fast for the real user. We have a variety of services that you can seek related to website speed optimisation. Give us a call today!

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