Upcoming eCommerce trends in 2020 and beyond

Nothing in the eCommerce world ever stands still, even the technology changes the strategies and practices that people use to drive sales and grow their businesses.

When carving a place in the eCommerce future, it helps to know its different trends and how some of them will eventually shape the industry. We have put together a guide to the five trends that we see affecting eCommerce in a big way for that purpose.

The design of websites continues to evolve. New concepts and solutions are presented every year. User patterns are changing and different concepts that were once ignored are now becoming more and more important. Designers need to constantly reevaluate their design to ensure that customers have the best shopping experience. Whether you are a website designer or owner of eCommerce , you cannot afford to be left behind. The top eCommerce Web design trends are as follows:-

  • Chatbots & AI: –   Interacting to consumers is a great way to understand their needs so that the right service can be marketed to them. Customers engage with businesses that give them a good interaction experience, according to common surveys. Chatbots are the best solution to this as they grow as a key component of digital business in the future.

What are you going to do?

You can download a live chatbot on your website from "" to welcome the customer with a beautiful greeting by installing a live chatbot on your website. This will also build trust in front of the buyer for your product. To interact directly with the customer to show them the right product, a live chatbot can accommodate a heavy load.

  • Augmented reality (AR) Real upcoming Ecommerce trend: – While online shopping is nowadays on the rise, a vast number of customers still choose to purchase a product until they encounter it. For example, if a customer wants to buy a TV online, it’s better to give them the impression of how the TV would actually look inside their house.

AR and Augmented Reality is one of eCommerce technology’s potential, and the future of any development in eCommerce would depend on such technologies. What it will do is give an actual glimpse of the item that will be bought by the consumer.

What you can do?

For the upcoming eCommerce trends, if you want customers to purchase your product/service, you should certainly have AR’s functionality for your customers. IF you are able to add this AR functionality then you can stand out from all your competitors in the market because they won’t have that functionality which gives you a major advantage to generate more leads.

Voice Search Optimisation

Probably the most important and necessary to use upcoming trend is Voice search optimization. With the advent of voice search platforms such as Alexa, Google Assistant, Apple Siri, etc., the future of ecommerce trends tends more to voice search than to text or scan for any product or service. If searching for various kinds of products or services, customers expect relevant results for what they are looking for and you can certainly get a tap if your services are designed with specific keywords.

Voice search is emerging as an active phenomenon in the eCommerce industry, according to prominent ecommerce analysts, and becomes an integral role for success in eCommerce in 2020 and beyond. Therefore, you should always concentrate on long-tail keywords that are most likely to be searched by users to customise your product page for voice search.

D2C, Direct to customer

Direct to Consumer or D2C is an approach where intermediaries (e.g. wholesaler, dealer, retailer) between supplier and customers are excluded. This has some benefits, such as taking off the product’s extra charges, delivering goods at an affordable rate, preventing any infringement on a company, etc. People will definitely go for the product that costs them the least, and this is easy for you if you run your eCommerce business with the D2C template.

Today, websites that offer a product at a low rate compared to other websites are likely to receive more sales. This trend in eCommerce in 2019 will be one of the emerging factors for growth in eCommerce in 2020 and beyond.

Video content and Marketing :-

Having brand-related videos on the product page is a great way to display the items, our one of the most important eCommerce feature. Videos always provide a better overview than text description of any product. Video draws consumer’s more than basic messages as images clarify more than texts.

Video ads have a greater ability to convert consumers to clients, according to prominent digital marketing experts. Then, it becomes important for you to have videos showing the goods that you can use for both product description and product marketing.

On the product page, add clips about the product you offer. That doesn’t mean you should ignore the description of the text altogether. You should have text and videos about your product for a better eCommerce website. Create several attractive videos for your products for video marketing campaigns and run video ads on Facebook and Instagram.

Bottom line!

Thus the bottom line is that if you want to run a successful eCommerce website then it is becomes really important to follow and adapt to latest eCommerce trends, changes, patterns and updates. Old trends become outdated and won’t improve your website in any way. Adopt the new upcoming trend that are becoming more innovative, creative and unique which can make your website stand out from all the others, therefore becomes essential for growth in eCommerce.

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