How Many Backlinks Do I need to rank high on Google?

how many backlinks to tank higher ?

Those who deal with Google backlinks, know exactly the importance of backlinks and hence this is one of the most common questions that we get to hear every day. From a noob to an experienced in SEO marketing, everybody wants the answer.

Well, to answer that it would be better to say that there is no single one-stop solution to exact number of backlinks needed. It all depends upon the quality of your links and how you manage them.

Here, are some points that may help you understand better, why it is not possible to quote a specific number:

Quality over Quantity

It is natural to think that to have a better ranking, have as many backlinks you can have. People think more the backlinks, more the ranking. But that’s not true, here is the catch. In SEO marketing, quality triumphs over quantity of your backlinks. One good backlink can be worth more than 100 low-quality backlinks. Therefore, you can see it’s not a simple number game; you need to think both of the quality and quantity to decide how many backlinks to rank.

Page Rank is not a Linear Case

Pages on Google are ranked on the scale of 1 to 10. Where a PR10 is something unheard of, as it would mean that page that is just par excellent and a PR0 equals to some blog page of a teenager or a complete machine written page. These numbers are just indicators of the engagements a page can have as compared to another page. For instance, A PR3 can be 10 times more valuable than a PR2, or a PR 5 page can be 20 times better than a PR4 page. So, it’s all exponential and not a clear guarantee of success.

Being the Change You Want to See

So, here originates again, the question of the quality over and above the quantity. Backlinks are something that you create to increase connectivity, linking more and more pages cannot be beneficial if they are useless to your audiences. So, always link only those pages which are connected to your main concept.

Treat your customers as you would like to be treated. You need to think from a customer’s prospective as moving the leads to the pages that are not correlated, can lower down the ranking of the page.

Work on your Optimization

Along with creating the quality backlinks, you need to work on your on-page optimization. In SEO marketing, the better your page is optimized, the more authority it will provide to your own links. Here, are some tips for SEO optimization:

  • Fix your broken links immediately;
  • Remove pages, rarely accessed;
  • Occasionally vary your anchor text, and
  • Increase your domain authority.
    • Bottom Line

      With the above discussion, it might be quite clear that quality Google backlinks are far more important than quantity. You need to create high quality website pages and make them more linkable to rank higher. So, these were some points which you need to consider how many backlink to rank you need. Of course, the list doesn’t include everything, you can add other points of SEO marketing in the list as well.

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